Successful adult transitions occur when they receive access to programs in the community based around the needs of their children and families, according to Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan.

The 12 Powers series of training and mentoring is an exemplary program that does just that.

Parents who learn and implement these 12 Powers improve and empower their own success, and lead their families to do the same.

Delivered in 2 1/2 hour sessions, each training module is facilitated by a professional trainer/facilitator in English or Spanish.

Developed by Marcelino "Chico" Garza, Special Assistant to the Superintendent of San Bernardino County Schools, the program has successfully trained thousands of families and individuals since the 1970's when Mr. Garza was a Recruiter for the U.S. Army in California. Faced with military families on the brink of fracture, he took on the additional task of delivering "free" counseling to service members and their families. A service that was so successful over time; the Army gave Mr. Garza his own counseling center. The 12 Powers of Family Business evolved over may years by Mr. Garza applying his life experiences, and his Army training and education to develop the modules. Today, the 12 Powers series has evolved into workforce and volunteer training.

Judith Gargyi developed an expanded version of The 12 Powers program to include workforce and volunteer skills training. We are educators, entrepreneurs, professionals, and consultants. Contact me for details, or to contract a trainer or speaker for your next meeting, retreat, special event, or conference.

The 12 Powers for Successful Living Series:

  1. Purpose
  2. Goal Setting
  3. Performance Planning
  4. Performance Evaluation
  5. Choosing Positive Attitude
  6. Effective Communication
  7. Working Together
  8. Building Resiliency
  9. Faith and Forgiveness
  10. Doing the Right Thing
  11. Humor
  12. Basic Work Skills - WorkReady